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08-Apr-2015 14:55

This should certainly help improve the quality of the sex you’re having.

It may be that the problem is due to an inability or unwillingness on his part to accept that every healthy relationship requires some compromise by both partners.

He is a passionate and emotional person, but he can be incredibly insensitive and it's leaving me exhausted!

I care for him, but he is acting like a brat and I'm finding it more and more offensive. The key to having a good relationship is communication, so it’s good to hear you’re comfortable telling your boyfriend what you like and don’t like.

If this is the case, then it’s probably affecting other areas of your relationship as well.

If you haven’t already, it may be a worth telling your boyfriend that his demands for sex and his aggressive attitude when you’re not in the mood are not only putting you off at the time, but are also making you feel increasingly stressed about sex with him generally.

If you’re fairly certain you want to at least try to improve aspects of your relationship, remember it takes two to tango, so your boyfriend will need to be on board Although this may sound a bit ‘unsexy’, you could arrange to have a proper chat about this issue when you both have ample time and won’t be distracted by anything.

I don't mind telling him what I like and don't like, but if I'm not in the mood he gets really mad, insults me and tells me I'm hurting him by not "feeling like it".

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My boyfriend and I are having serious relationship trouble, especially when it comes to sex.He wants it all the time, and I would too if the sex was good.His demanding behaviour may be a defence against underlying insecurities, so in order to successfully deal with this problem (if you’ve not already done so) you’ll need lots of patience and tact.Given that you are understandably drained about things, it’s probably worth having a good think about whether you want to hold onto this relationship badly enough to put in the energy required to make things better.

In the meantime, he pressures me and complains that it's taking me too long.

When I finally do feel like being intimate, he is so crass and forward about it that I find I get put off again.

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