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12-May-2016 23:33

It has the additional twist that the fraudsters seduce their credulous victims over several months so that, believing themselves to be in love, they give up the money more easily.

Ms Montira said, “From questioning these Thai ladies, we found that most of them had known their guys only three or four months, from chatting online.” There are three variations on the scam, she said.

They must come and collect the package themselves or they can send someone with a written power of attorney to collect it for them.

Ms Montira said that, despite the fact that the scam may seem obvious, she sees an average of two women a week – typically from Thai provinces far away – who come to her office to claim their “packages”.

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Airport Customs Director says she encounters an average of two similar scam stories every week involving women seduced online into giving up large sums of money.The scam is similar to the classic “Nigerian scam” whereby victims are offered a share of huge amounts of money if they first pay an “administration fee” of some sort.