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“If you were to take out the cattle and let large areas revert to scrubby vegetation, you’d have far fewer jaguars in the Pantanal than you do today.” Jaguars can also provide ranchers with an additional source of income.For example, several ranches in the Pantanal, San Francisco among them, run ecotourism operations that have turned a liability into a valuable asset.The study is reported in the Journal of Wildlife Management 71(8):2694–2698; 2007 Jaguars in Brazil's Pantanal January 1, 2008 J.

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The ranches, which will be run by Panthera, are particularly important because they connect previously isolated wildlife preserves.Now, jaguars will be able to travel safely from one sanctuary to the other. Perhaps 15 percent of the world’s remaining population of jaguars live in the Panatal.Alan Rabinowitz, executive director of the science and exploration program at the Wildlife Conservation Society, believes ranching and jaguar conservation can co-exist. Rabinowitz said, and enhance habitat for the jaguar’s wild prey.Microhabitat features, including slope and distance to water, were also useful in predicting den use by maternal females.

The availability of suitable dens may limit population size, especially in areas where tree dens have been eliminated by logging of old growth forests.

The IUCN (World Conservation Union) believes the total free-ranging population at fewer than 50,000 adults and classifies jaguars as near threatened.