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15-Dec-2015 13:02

Then just fire up the Face Time app and connect with other Mac, i Pad, i Pod Touch and i Phone users. Well, if you have a Google+ account then you have full access to Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts is great for multi-person video chats.

So what are some alternatives you should look into? It works with every new Apple computer and i Device purchase.

With Macintosh computers becoming more and more prevalent at home and in the workplace, Face Time is everywhere. You'll need access to your Apple ID and a solid internet connection.

Perhaps your interested in adding video chat functionality to your website or smartphone application?

Texting and email may be quicker forms of communication, but they're very impersonal.

Skype is probably the most well known video chatting application.

As social media continues to grow and connected devices become more ubiquitous in everyday life, video chatting is starting to become a primary method of communication.

But it's been around since 2003 and, despite some cosmetic changes, has stayed largely the same.I'm not saying Skype is bad, far from it, but newer programs have matched and surpassed Skype is some way or another.Each hangout member can see the other in full-screen or a smaller thumbnail viewer.Another great service is oo Voo and like Google+ you can talk to multiple people (up to 12) at one time. VSee is a self-described video conference and screen sharing application.

A good majority of video chatting programs, like Skype, are free to use.Paid services like calling landlines and mobile phones are available as well. Unless you have a really bad hangover or a black eye, why wouldn't you choose to video chat with your friends, family and business partner(s)?

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