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Lava source blocks (obtained from NEI or crafted using UU-Matter) cannot be used.

It has an advantage over normal generators in that it does not waste power.

The Geothermal Generator is an IC2 Machine used to generate EU.

It works on the same basic principle as normal Generators do, except in this case they use the heat of Lava to generate electricity.

The Geothermal Generator will connect to Waterproof Pipes, and will receive Lava carried by them.

It will also accept lava directly from an adjacent Build Craft Pump.

As with all Generators, the lava fuel source is inserted into the lower slot, and optionally a RE Battery in the upper slot.


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Geothermal Generators accept both Lava Buckets and Lava Cells.The Lava Cells are stackable and thus require less maintenance, but cost 4 Tin ingots to produce.

The thermoluminescence phenomenon arises from the irradiation of mineral inclusions by the radioactive impurities present in every ceramic paste, from the ejection of electrons due to this external energy supply, from the confinement of these electrons freed from the attraction of the nucleus into traps or deformations of the crystalline lattice, and finally from the return of the trapped electrons into the atoms owing to the external energy contribution resulting from the increase of temperature.… continue reading »

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When prompted, select a drive and directory in which to save the downloaded file, be sure to select a path that does not have a space in its name.… continue reading »

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