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20-Jun-2016 06:59

Of course, the practice of pegging has been around a lot longer than the terminology used to describe it.

According to sex educator Violet Blue, pegging started showing up in porn as early as the 1970s, but most had to wait until the 1990s, when harnesses become commercially available, to get in on the action.

“It was clear that this was a practice that needed some informational support.”“It was bound to generate interest.

And indeed it did; for quite awhile, it was Good Vibrations’s best-selling movie,” she added.

Beautiful and highly educated women are more likely to be rigidly heterosexual than those with less social clout because they follow the “path of least resistance”, a study claims.

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In 1998, the first film in the series was released: 60 minutes of educational info on the ins and outs of strap-on aided anal pleasure.As Queen states in the film’s introduction, “Straight couples are reinventing anal sex.”We asked Queen what readers need to know about pegging.Eighteen years after the first installment of was released, pegging has found a place in the cultural lexicon, and for a smaller population, the bedroom.Still, taboos attached to anal sex for men remain almost as prevalent as they were back in 1998, when it took a pair of lesbian pornographers and an alternative porn studio to come out with a proper how-to guide to the hungry hetero masses.

Women who become mothers in their teens or early twenties are more likely to start sexual relationships with other women than those who delay motherhood.In 2001, sex advice columnist Dan Savage got more than 12,000 fans to vote on what would officially become the commonly accepted slang for a woman inserting a strap-on dildo into a man's ass.