Lebanese dating customs

17-Jul-2015 18:44

A blog about love, relationships, and dating with a Lebanese twist. 14) in front of the Ministry of the Interior near Sanayeh Gardens (Here's a map) at PM.

The purpose of this blog is not to give advice, but rather to connect relationship research, life anecdotes, experiences, and resources to you in a convenient way that can help understand who we love, why we love them, what we look for in a partner, and how we can create better, stronger, and more meaningful relationships. We'll be marching to the Parliament in Downtown Beirut.

The Fb Page is a great resource to share interesting articles, links, photos, etc., especially ones that I don't want to dedicate an entire blog post to. There's a lot that's been written on maintaining the romance in a relationship (for instance, this article I recently posted).

I really appreciate your activity on it, and if you haven't "liked" it yet, what are you waiting for?? I've written a post about it, and a point I have vehemently reiterated in this blog is that relationships take work (e.g., here and here).

For more information, check out the introductory post: Come out, bring a sign, a jacket, a friend (or two), and an umbrella (just in case), and stand up with our women for our women!

On another note, in case you weren't following on the LOVEanon Facebook Page, I've been posting a lot lately. The second refers to an article I posted on Facebook a few days ago. I feel like I've been seeing/hearing a lot about this lately, so I wanted to talk about it and also bring up another topic: jealousy.

Instead, we consciously or unconsciously live our lives according to the models propagated by the media.

We grow up watching Disney movies and popular television where we see a basic equation for love portrayed: meet - play a game of chase - fall in love - get married.

A great point the author makes is this: "Very few of us carry accurate beliefs about what love and marriage are really about.He was challenging the established idea of combining sexual and emotional relationships.