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When I taste our wines I mentally place myself in the precise block of vineyard from which the wine originated....A vineyard is nothing without the soil upon which it rests and sends its roots....Perhaps nothing defines the rhythms of a winemaker’s life like the relentless cadence of the seasons ...Each of our vineyard soils shapes the wine that comes from it. Gérard Dériot, au nom de la commission des affaires sociales, n° 281 (2004-2005) ; Discussion et adoption le 12 avril 2005.Mark Leonette began his pro career in 1983 in the Oakland A's organization. The big club called him up on July 3 as a replacement for Dickie Noles, who was injured.As we were driving in the pick-up truck that had just been used to transport the dead man's body to a freshly dug hole in the woods where he was buried, my uncle told me what he had done and why he had done it.My uncle told me that in our life, honor and respect meant everything, and that the man he killed was not an honorable man and that's why my uncle had to kill him by stabbing him repeatedly with an icepick.

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For more than 30 years, my family has been producing wines of consistently high quality at Leonetti Cellar ...

and the boss of our family, a man named Philip Testa, who was nicknamed "The Chicken Man" and was one of my uncle's best friends, watched as my uncle pricked my trigger finger with a gold tie pin, making it bleed, and handed me a card with the picture of a saint on it, which was lit on fire, and said, "May I burn like this saint if I betray my friends" as I juggled the picture and repeated the phrase until the flames went out.

Assemblée nationale : Proposition de loi n° 1882 ; Rapport de M.

Leonetta (Leon and Viol/etta) is the romantic/friendship pairing between Leon and Violetta Castillo.

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Jean Leonetti, au nom de la commission spéciale, n° 1929 ; Discussion le 26 novembre 2004 et adoption le 30 novembre 2004.

Sénat : Proposition de loi, adoptée par l' Assemblée nationale, n° 90 (2004-2005) ; Rapport de M.

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