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We had prevented pregnancy in every way possible up to this point.I was nearing the end of nursing school when we began to discuss having a baby.Jon wanted to wait a little longer and let me get established in my job.So, we decided that at some point, adding more children to the equation was a must.We were married in 2011 and soon began our journey to growing our family. I suppose I'm a bit of an anomaly, as my original plan for children was to have them on my own (I have a bit of an independent streak.) Life plans never seem to work out the way you envision, and I ended up having my first child with a former partner.I started researching donor sperm, but as a Canadian who also had specific requirements, the options were increasingly limited. Having kids had always seemed somewhat of an unobtainable dream to us.As a middle class lesbian couple living in Arkansas, we were missing one very important ingredient and living in a somewhat unwelcoming state.Additionally, we receive great feedback from clients all the time - please check out our testimonials page here. In my earlier years, I had never really thought much about children.

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Every once in a while we would throw around baby names we liked or we would Google sperm banks and browse the donors, daydreaming that one day we would need to use some of their goods. My name is Laura and I would like to share my family’s story of infertility.My husband Jon and I had been married for three years.The relationship ended, but I knew I wanted another child.Of course there were the practical considerations, as I didn't want too much of an age gap, and at the same time, I didn't want to deal with the extensive emotional, legal, and financial costs if I met someone else and it didn't work out. This is Natalie (the one writing) and Tommie (the one carrying) and this is our story.

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Here are real stories from our clients, talking about their hopes, fears, trials, and successes in their own words. We have a bit of an age difference and Kim already had two children from a previous relationship.

We love hearing them, and hope you find them as inspiring as we do. So, ensuring we both were interested in adding to the family was a big deal for me.

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