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"We have enough to buy us all a nice, warm meal and a good beer! Jean had his arm around your waist as he looked out the back window frantically. & Amnesia Pain (Levi X Reader) You swung out of the way of the Titan's hand the best you could, but knew that you would not go unscathed.

" Fredrick cheered with his ash blond hair lifting with the small breeze. All of a sudden something thumped into your back and sent you flying to the safety of trees.

I will try to post more wen I can and Laurelchan and I hope to make more chat rooms for everyone if they enjoy them! You all landed in a shady district and took to running through the alleys.

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You all stopped in a small secluded alley to look at the day's earnings. " Hanji yelled back as the pedo van sped down the highway.

Fredrick and Luke took off their 3DMGs, but you kept yours own because it made you feel more secure. "Giving children candy out of sketchy white vans will get us all arrested! Sirens sounded from behind and you all shared a pale faced look with one another.

"Kinda hard to do when we are on an expedition where Titans roam about gaily." You retorted as you finished checking over the 3DMG. You could have been hurt." He narrowed his eyes at you even more.

Suppressing Remember [Levi X Reader (Modern/Reincarnation)] You lived a seemingly simple life for the most part. Most of these times involving your friends and those you saw frequently.

"Gosh, it's been so long since we could afford food and beer." Luke commented as he smiled. You landed with some effort before you turned to find your...boyfriend? Lance Corporal Levi Ackerman glaring into your (e/c) eyes. " He demanded to know before glancing at the Titan.You did your best to hold back a smile but a smirk ended up leaking onto your visage. I will split a beer with you tw Insecure Girl: Black (Friday) Ops (Jean X Reader)This fanfic is the third in my side series INSECURE GIRL. Once the Titan had been killed by Mikasa he turned his gaze back onto you.

He’s looking at the best piece of real estate he can find.” So what’s a pretty piece of real estate to do? ) “When they ask you the question, answer it honestly. Not even a little innuendo tossed out over the chicken Kiev? “I don’t care if you want to leap across the table, rip your clothes off, and jump in the Jacuzzi with him.… continue reading »

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