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Everyone falls for it but Emily's mother, who is determined to find her daughter.Emily's mother Jill Yates is portrayed by Lindsay Hartley.The gang is so irritated by this, or at least professes to be, they seek to enlist another diva as a possible replacement for Mills.And when Joan Collins comes sauntering in, the music swells as if it’s 1985 all over again.Chrystee Pharris rounds out the cast, largely presented as the voice of reason and sort-of referee between Hunt and Hartley.The gradual disappearance of soap operas has significantly reduced opportunities for actors in that genre.So what better way to exploit the situation than “Queens of Drama,” a Pop series that assembles a group of actresses for the ostensible purpose of trying to produce their own show, but really functions as an excuse to create a reality-style serial on the cheap.

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, when teenager Emily (Paloma Kwiatkowski) starts dating Gary (Jedidiah Goodacre), Emily's mother Jill isn't happy.

The troubled teens get into serious trouble thanks to Gary, and in order to avoid jail they stage a double suicide.