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21-Jan-2016 10:11

Failure to make such premium payments could result in termination of coverage.For more information about life & health guaranty associations, please visit you are a National States policyholder or certificate holder and have a claim arising under a National States policy, please continue to submit those to National States per the terms of your policy.Remember, however, that if the policyholder does not pay the premium as it becomes due, the policy will be cancelled.

However, if a policy is a cancellable form, it may be canceled by the guaranty association post liquidation.

Is long-term care insurance covered by the insurance guaranty associations?

Insurance coverage will continue and policy claims will be covered and paid by state insurance guaranty associations, subject to statutory coverage limits, which will either pay them directly or transfer the policies to a financially stable insurance company.

You are required to continue to pay any premiums due under your policy in order to be eligible for coverage under your policy from your state insurance guaranty association.

The Liquidator has entered into a Court approved Service Agreement with the National Organization of Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Associations ("NOLHGA"), pursuant to which the Liquidator will provide to the guaranty associations claims processing and other administrative functions required in order for payment to be made on those claims which qualify as covered obligations of the affected guaranty association.Pursuant to the Judgment, policyholders, certificate holders and beneficiaries need not file a proof of claim for benefits and other amounts due under National States policies. No, not if the policy is a guaranteed renewable policy, it will not be cancelled.

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