Liquidating limited partnerships Hornymenchat com

24-Mar-2015 13:18

This guidance provides a basic overview of insolvency and liquidation proceedings and more detailed information about the documents that must be delivered to the Registrar of Companies for Scotland.It summarises some of the rules that apply to corporate voluntary arrangements, moratoria, administrations, receivers, voluntary liquidations, compulsory liquidations and EC regulations.Independent legal advice is advised where there is any uncertainty.

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Their limited lifetime is the distinguishing feature of limited partnerships, since otherwise, other continuous business entities would be more suitable, such as general partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations.

However, some common , such as hedge funds and private equity funds, do have an indefinite lifespan.

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Most limited partnerships are formed for a specific business venture for a predetermined length of time.

These guidance notes are not intended to be definitive legal advice and should not be relied upon as such.

The interpretation of legislation is a matter on which the Guernsey Registry cannot advise and entities/individuals need to form their own independent view on compliance with the legislation.