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You can find a list of Lithuanian hotels and book on-line here and book a hotel in Vilnius here Vilnius B&B on-line reservation portal. Neti and Eesti WWW Wrk: Estonian-based search engines; especially good when searching for Estonian-language sites and any content produced in Estonia.

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How to find relatives in Lithuania: Usenet, Lithuanian genealogy, history, missing people Ingermanland, ruined Baltic Western town - 300th anniversary of Sanct-Peterbourg Jews in Kelme, Vilnius, Lithuania: history of World Litvaks, Yiddish culture, genealogy, ghetto, holocaust Lithuanian names and surnames - meaning, origin, and history Origins of Lithuanian city names - historical research of cartography Prussian culture, language reconstructions.Polabian dictionary Russian server in Lithuania, Borussia - history of the Baltic states R Tatars and Karaims in Lithuania - traditions of tribes, religion, settling in Lithuania Virdainas - Sudovian (Yotvingian) language dictionary Zemaitija - history, news, culture, sights and celebrities of Samogitia Complete index of Lithuanian websites - personal, organizations, business, science, government The Internet Society, Internet Information Center, ACLU, EPIC, EFF, Internet Privacy Coalition Publicly accessible mailing list archive Usenet Info Center, usenet newsgroups, usenet archive Web forums and message boards: Topica, Yahoo!Vilnius Public Transport: One of the best transport sites in the region, with most explanations in English.Lithuanian-English Dictionary Lithuanian Repatriation Info Center: To aid migrs moving back to Lithuania. Board's website; Tallinn Tourist Information; and detailed information about accommodation in the countryside and different activities from Maaturism.

Some new-age companies have attempted to fill the gap by launching dating agencies, many of which are online. Latvian Parliament Info Line and Visa Latvija: Reasonable online business searches. Infoweb: A good detailed online directory for those interested in finding a business partner in Estonia.Euro-Girls-Cafe: A Lithuania-based dating service, including archived photographs of potential dates. CV Online: A good place to leave your CV and check for jobs being offered across the Baltics. Estonian Genealogy Society: The place to start to track long lost Estonian relatives.