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20-Mar-2015 03:42

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Well I installed the Little Black Book Facebook Application today. Do a search on "Little Black Book" in Facebook, it was the third item in the list for me.

Make sure that the developer is as there are two other applications with similar names.

Before installing the app I notice 3 reviews and 2 of them dealt with incompatibility problems.

It appears (I have not confirmed this) that Firefox, Camino and Safari browsers have problems and will not work with this application.

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For this reason alone, I think should have delayed the release until these browsers are supported.

Currently United States, Canadian and United Kingdom Facebook users can join.

You then supply an email address or you can directly link to your account by using your user name and password.

I shouldn't have any problems since I am using Internet Explorer 7.

I don't think cutting out Firefox and Mac users was a good idea.

If you don't link your Facebook account with a Match account you can add in additional profile information about youself. From there, you can try matching yourself with people on facebook who have this application installed or you can try Matching your Friends.