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Above: Scenery from a Milan-Paris TGV, feet up & glass of wine to hand.

This is a one-stop guide to buying & using a Eurail pass, answering the usual questions, Do Eurail passes save money over point-to-point tickets, when do you need reservations, how to make them & how much do they cost.

...unlike flying, train travel is relaxed & hassle-free. Overnight sleeper trains cover huge distances such as Cologne to Prague or Berlin to Budapest, effectively faster than flying and it saves hotel bill, too.

The train journeys become a welcome chance to chill out between cities... Your train journeys are an integral part of the European experience, something to enjoy for their own sake, giving you a ground-level feel for the countries you're visiting...

You can explore Europe by train with two great railpass ranges, Eurail for overseas visitors and Inter Rail for European residents. If you live in Europe, you qualify for an Inter Rail pass, so hop over to the Inter Rail page.

If you live outside Europe, you qualify for a Eurail pass so stay on this page & read on...

Why explore Europe by train - train versus car rental, flights or bus... Understanding the Eurail pass range - which pass to buy?

How to use a Eurail pass - how they work & when you need reservations How to make reservations to go with your pass Other useful passes - Swiss Pass, German Pass, Spain Pass, Balkan Flexipass.