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25-Feb-2015 05:38

In it, Laporte and his co-hosts (Kentzell not among them) were discussing a recent overhaul of the user interfaces for various Google apps like Gmail.

Laporte frequently switched the video stream over to a live feed from his computer monitor.

(That's Laporte and Kentzell above.) But the evidence, provided by a suspicious Laporte listener, was only circumstantial; Laporte and Kentzell traveled to conferences in Kentzell this past February announced a goal to double annual revenue to million at TWi, the company where Laporte his co-hosts and staff stream and podcast some 27 different shows, all related to technology, to a monthly audience they estimate at more than 5 million.

It makes sense that Laporte and his CEO would spend a lot of time together while working to achieve such rapid growth.

At one point Laporte cut over to his Google Voice account to show a scam message he'd received there.

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Then today another anonymous tipster, who has also been spending a lot of time watching and listening to Laporte's shows, pointed us toward something much more concrete.

"Download Leo Laporte's the October show in its video version (Laporte typically offers his shows in audio and video, as well as live and for later download).

Every month, Leo Laporte delivers technology advice to millions of people who download his podcasts and tune in to his syndicated radio show.

He is, as one of his programs bills him, "The Tech Guy" whose digital savvy was recognized, near the dawn of the web, with an Emmy Award.

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But for all his expertise, Laporte still managed to clumsily broadcast an explicit Google chat with his lover, exposing the affair he's apparently been carrying on with his CEO.We started hearing gossip about a romance between Laporte, whose website says he's married, and his hand-picked business chief Lisa Kentzell earlier this month.

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