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06-Jun-2016 02:03

With core aeration we remove small plugs of soil throughout your lawn to improve the flow of air, water, and fertilizer into the root zone of the lawn.

Core aeration remedies "root choking" and compacted soil problems.

The soil disturbance caused by the vibrating tines stimulates thatch decomposition with the shattering of loosened soil.

The Yards By Us AERA-VATOR unit softens the soil around and between the holes creating more of an opening for root growth and absorption of water, air, nutrients and treatments.

It is also effective in reducing the build-up of thatch in the lawn.

The procedure is usually done in the fall and seeding is also recommended at that time.

The AERA-VATOR is the latest turf and lawn aerator on the market today.

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We also have the right equipment for all lawns, big and small.The harder and dryer the soil, the better the AERA-VATOR works!Since the AERA-VATOR provides the ability to aerate dry soil, this reduces the time and expense of scheduling irrigation prior to use.Yards By Us provides custom blended seed with the best performing fescue varieties.

Not only is our seed sod quality, but also tag certified weed-free for the best possible results.For example, a small core aerator is used for smaller lawns, and an AERA-VATOR is used for bigger lawns.

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