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I'd say the ruling was more due to safety rather than convenience in cutting and handling cars. Not sure if he shot anything earlier than late 1940s. This leads me to believe that the classroom car was operated as either the first car or the last car in the consist, so that no one would try to walk thru the car, and only student-passengers would sit in it.Note: On the 1852 PTT (above right) the eastbound Mail and Passenger train and the westbound Freight train hit Nichols Road at the same time. Info: Dave Keller Thomas Bayles - LIRR Ticket clerk - Resident of Middle Island, NY. Majority of the LIRR images in his archive (and now mine) were shot by his brother Albert in 1912-1940. Info: John Deasy The blanked windows in the picture at Ronkonkoma "KO" is perhaps the Adelphi Classroom on Wheels.TICHY, Architect 1905 1981 8/12/10 LIRR STATIONS: Closed/Reopened/Removed/Replaced HUNTINGTON STATION LOCATION LIRR TRAIN NUMBERS SILL'S FARM, GREENPORT NEW YORK - EAST RIVER - NEWTOWN CREEK - DUTCH KILLS - Bridge Closure LIRR EMPLOYEE RECORDS LIRR MILEPOST CALCULATIONS AGENT, AGENCY, & TICKET CLERK TRACTION BLVD STEAM ENGINE SPEEDS BAY RIDGE YARD WAS A LIRR SWITCH JOB FARMINGDALE AGRICULTURAL ROOTS PHOTO CONTINENTAL BAKING COMPANY - HISTORY OF JAMAICA LIRR SPOT #16 NEW GONDOLA ORDER 2009 LIRR G5s # 35, #39, #50 FINAL RUNs "Steam Specials" October 1955 END OF STEAM CEREMONY DEFINITIVE LIST October 8th, 1955 GE TURBINES SUNRISE HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION W SIGNS ARE CALLED WHISTLE POSTS LIRR EAST - WEST RULES EARLY DIESELS OF THE SUNRISE TRAIL BARNEY or MULE at SUNNYSIDE YARD, LI CITY SHOPS This sounds very much to me that mixed trains on the LIRR were quite common back then for them to stipulate this. Photographed the LIRR, BEDT, PRR, CRRNJ, NYC, Reading and others. Photographed the LIRR from the late 1950s until the 1980s. Photographed the LIRR from 1966-1975, then again briefly in 1987 before moving to Orlando, FL. Makse - LIRR Special Services Attendant and later ran that department. Osborne - Worked for the NY Central then hired on with the LIRR as Block operator and later station agent at Southampton. Sommer - LIRR Block operator - Resident of Oyster Bay. Created by Adelphi Professor Gregory Gutman and Edu-Tran, Inc., it allowed business students to take classes during their morning and evening commutes.In addition to, cutting cars in and out of a consist, cars with heavy loads, like lumber cars, when stopped suddenly, would have sufficient momentum underway to possibly crush a lighter, wooden passenger car coupled ahead of it. Images in my archive from late 1940s through early 1960s. David Keller - LIRR Extra ticket clerk (1972) and LIRR Special Services Attendant (1973, 1974) before moving onto other fields. Authored two Arcadia Publishing books on the LIRR with the assistance of Steven Lynch. Resident of Southampton - photographed 1921 (start date with LIRR)-early 1930s. William Rugen - LIRR Roundhouse Clerk that was very knowledgeable and respected enough to be assigned to ride the cab of an E6 to Montauk, a new RS1 and the steam fan trips 1952 1955. Adelphi University School of Business Newsletter, Spring 2014 issue Note the modifications to a LIRR standard P72 coach.LIRR REPRODUCTION ITEMS - CATALOGUE OF MEMORABILIA 10/01/16 LIRR PHOTOGRAPHERS 9/30/16 ADELPHI CLASSROOM ON WHEELS 9/15/16 WEEKEND CHIEF - BAR MENU & DESIGNATION 8/18/16 CAMP BLACK 1898 7/31/16 1910 PENNSYLVANIA STATION AND TUNNELS INSPECTION 6/24/16 THE STEINWAY LINES 4/23/16ROW POWER LINES 1/16/16 CHARLES W. as well as many other roads - 1933-1970s"One of the Schools more famous efforts was offering business classes on the Long Island Rail Road.

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In later years, reservations were handled from the information bureau at Jamaica.During my era at Special Services, reservations were computerized (as early as 1985).