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On 13 June 2015, it was announced that Harold was exiting her role as Lola after being written out of the show.

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They visit Lola at the care home and see that she has been in a fight and think she has been attacked until Lola admits that she started the fight.Some critics gave a positive response to Lola's introduction.Kate Woodward of Inside Soap said Lola's introduction had been a "revelation" On 23 July 2012, Lola gave birth to her daughter; Lexi Pearce during a seven-minute live segment, making her the first character to ever give birth live on East Enders and the second character ever in soap opera.She tells Billy and Julie that Dan hated them so Julie decides to leave.

Billy hugs Lola before they go and Lola uses this as an excuse to steal his wallet.Lola visits Billy again and meets other members of his family.