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23-Sep-2016 13:21

The moral impossibility to ‘date’ in Islam and the central role of the ‘family unit’ in Muslim morality also play important roles in directing single Muslims towards these now popular ‘halal dating’ activities.

In Mirzan’s view, the elders are not doing their job anymore, but are instead failing the younger generation with what he identifies as a ‘postcolonial mode of thinking’ that consists of blaming the British for everything that is wrong in the community: “Marriage is all this generation has left for them and look at the result: the number of divorces keeps on continually increasing!

But as a pragmatist businessman, social entrepreneur and activist (these are the terms he uses to describe himself) he simply decided to answer the demand.

On the poster installed at the entrance of the room, one can read: “Don’t date! Mirzan has been a board member of a shariah council a while back: it is this experience that made him aware of the need for such a service as more and more Muslims are getting divorced nowadays – a fact that reflects a broader trend within the general British population.

However, match making, even under an Islamic framework, remains controversial: Mirzan admits receiving regular threats from Muslims who consider his activity haram (illicit) and contrary to Islam.

We need to have a Muslim Spring in England: we need to get rid of our Muslim leadership! Over the years, Mirzan has created a number of sub categories as he realised that the category ‘Muslim’ was too broad to meet the specific needs of certain groups within the community.

He now organises special events for converts, Muslims over 40s, students, converts, professionals, Asian, Arabs, Bangladeshi…and with the rapidly growing presence of the French, now special events have been launched for them too.

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The event of today is dedicated to this new sub-category and gathers together a wide variety of ‘francophones’: Two brothers from Mauritius, a Senegalese man (the only black visitor) and a majority of British and French of North African origin.

Mirzan regrets having to separate people according to their ethnic origin or nationality as he believes that what should unite Muslims is the notion of ‘ummah’ (the collective community of Islamic peoples).