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24-Apr-2015 05:55

The attorneys general of New York and Ohio have also used video recordings – obtained with families' permission – as evidence for prosecuting offenders.A law that would allow video recording equipment in the rooms of nursing home residents are under consideration in Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas.Top Rated FREE Granny Old Ladies Sex Webcams Chat Rooms Looking to have some SEXY and HOT webcam chat FUN with HORNY and OLD Grannies webcam ladies who LOVE performing FREE Granny Sex Cam Chat Shows in adult webcam chatrooms?Wanting to find the BEST adult webcam chat rooms that feature the HOTTEST and Oldest mature Grannies who love performing LIVE Granny Sex Cam Chat shows in the privacy of their homes around the globe?Stories regularly appearing in the media highlight this problem, which, given the “graying of America,” is only likely to get worse. A recent case highlight the severity of the problem.In Atlanta, Georgia, the New London Health Center nursing home finds itself being investigated after a 77-year-old resident had to be taken to the emergency room for a three-inch gash on the side of her head. The patient, who had been a resident for four years, had not been bathed or groomed properly in some time and had severely ingrown toenails – in addition to a severe cut on her hand with a dressing that had not been changed for several days.However, discussion over the Missouri legislation has been tabled, while the proposed law in Arkansas has been meeting with considerable resistance from the nursing home industry.

In the wake of reports and investigations of elder abuse, some states have instituted laws that would allow families to install video recording devices in the rooms of nursing home residents.Such states with “granny cam” laws include Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.Personnel at the nursing home have offered no explanation for the patient's poor condition. A recent article in reports that as many as 20% of elder care facilities in Japan acknowledge abuse occurred at their facilities.Reported abuses include violence, forced restraint, verbal abuse, neglect, theft and even sexual assault.

“Second childhood” requires as much care and supervision as the first, and often more; like infants, many elderly are vulnerable.

And too many caregivers, both professional and family members, either take advantage of the situation – or fail in their duties and responsibilities. elder abuse statistics suggest that 1 in 10 seniors have been victims of elder abuse (not including financial crimes).