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The following example of a DOCTYPE contains both public and system identifiers: The system identifiers of these DTDs, if present in the DOCTYPE, are URI references.

A system identifier usually points to a specific set of declarations in a resolvable location.

Programs for reading documents may not be required to read the external subset.

Note that any valid SGML or XML document that references an external subset in its DTD, or whose body contains references to parsed external entities declared in its DTD (including those declared within its internal subset), may only be partially parsed but cannot be fully validated by validating SGML or XML parsers in their standalone mode (this means that these validating parsers don't attempt to retrieve these external entities, and their replacement text is not accessible).

However, such documents are still fully parsable in the non-standalone mode of validating parsers, which signals an error if it can't locate these external entities with their specified public identifier (FPI) or system identifier (a URI), or are inaccessible.(Notations declared in the DTD are also referencing external entities, but these unparsed entities are not needed for the validation of documents in the standalone mode of these parsers: the validation of all external entities referenced by notations is left to the application using the SGML or XML parser).

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The declarations in the internal subset form part of the DOCTYPE in the document itself.

The declarations in the external subset are located in a separate text file.

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