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The director though was full of praise of both his leading men in the acting department, promising that fans of Jay will get to see a different side of his screen persona aside from those in his earlier movies, and newcomer Baron Chen, in his first cinematic outing, possibly took the "coolness" factor from Jay and made it his own.Kevin had researched the various dunking techniques of legendary basketball players, and is confident that this movie will be bench-marked against for future basketball films.In the 2008 Taiwanese drama the Jang Nara role is played by Joe Chen and Ethan Juan plays the Jang Hyuk role.In fact, in one of the friendly basketball games during breaks between shoots on set, Baron got injured and suffered a cut at the bottom of his eye, which was just plastered over by hospital staff.Understandably, Kevin Chu had to ban all friendly games lest more of his cast members get injured.又回到最初的起点 you hui dao zui chu de qi dian Back to the starting point 记忆中你青涩的脸 ji yi zhong ni qing se de lian In my memory, I see your young face 我们终于来到了这一天 wo men zhong yu lai dao le zhe yi tian We have finally reached this day 桌垫下的老照片 zhuo dian xia de lao zhao pian The old photographs under the table 无数回忆连结 wu shu hui yi lian jie Linking to countless memories 今天男孩要赴女孩最后的约 jin tian nan hai yao fu nuu hai zui hou de yue Today, a boy will keep his last date with the girl *又回到最初的起点 you hui dao zui chu de qi dian Back to the starting point 呆呆地站在镜子前 dai dai de zhan zai jing zi qian Standing in front of the mirror dumbly 笨拙系上红色领带的结 ben zhuo ji shang hong se ling dai de jie Clumsily tieing a knot on a red tie 将头发梳成大人模样 jiang tou fa shu cheng da ren mo yang Combed hair to appear as an adult 穿上一身帅气西装 chuan shang yi shen shuai qi xi zhuang Wearing a handsome suit 等会儿见你一定比想像美 deng hui er jian ni yi ding bi xiang xiang mei When I see you in a while, it’ll be better looking than you expected 好想再回到那些年的时光 hao xiang zai hui dao na xie nian de shi guang Wish that (we) could go back to those years 回到教室座位前后 hui dao jiao shi zuo wei qian hou When we were sitting in the classroom, in front back position 故意讨你温柔的骂 gu yi tao ni wen rou de ma (Doing something to get) purposely scolded from you gently 黑板上排列组合 hei ban shang pai lie zu he Pairing arrangement written on the blackboard 你舍得解开吗 ni she de jie kai ma Are you willing to let go/ separate it?

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The end*****In addition, two videos from the press-conference of Kung Fu Dunk movie Singapore Press Conference 2008, part 1 - 2All you know about a new Korean version of the best taiwanese "Fated to love you" drama 2008 which is a remake of the same name.

If you're enjoying the funny and tear-inducing scenes in the current k-drama "Fated To Love You," you may want to check out the Taiwanese version.

continuation of the article about Kung Fu Dunk movie Singapore Press Conference 2008 the link -

Continuation: Baron Chen, on the other hand, had never played basketball, and was tasked to undergo training, which he only did so intensively for a month before the shoot.

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Later that evening, the gala was held at the Suntec City Convention Hall 602 where the movie was screened to a 3000 strong audience.

Prior to the event, the audience were treated to a demonstration of slam dunks by players from the Singapore Slingers, as well as a cheer-leading performance.

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