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29-Apr-2015 13:26

It is a free site not promoting anything, therefore my information is more objective than other sites. They are a mix of ancient people and South Asian and Indian. Malaysia is a tiger and the county’s development is uneven, it is not like Singapore where money flows through the street.

Please take a look around my website after you read my post on I prefer Eastern European girls, but this is my culture. Some Malaysian girls are just looking to marry a foreigner for a passport, while others would not dream of leaving exotic warm, rich Malaysia.

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I would ask many questions about life and love and money.

I would do it in a subtle way not directly or it could turn the women off.

That is, it will answer the questions, who are they ethically, what is their culture.

It will focus in particular on, what is their attitude toward dating, love and men.

The company I worked for had a major presence in Malaysia and so my interaction was on a business level, but they did not care, the I think they would make good wives as they come from a society of morals. Even if the Malay girls are not following this tradition, it has been part of their culture for so long that, even if they jettison their religion, they keep their moral values like loyalty.I have not known Malay girls to be disloyal, but maybe I do not have the full picture.

And what I find disgusting is that people want to judge footballers – and professors for that matter – by an entirely anachronistic yardstick. To me, it’s just a collective hypocrisy that attracts people to these stories.… continue reading »

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