Malay women chat

09-Apr-2015 12:32

Some Indian guys here seem to have the idea that by behaving obnoxiously, whistling, cat calling and following Indian girls, will make the girls fall head over heels in love with them. Boy meets girl – girl gives a glance and guy falls clean bold – guy begins to follow girl with the unflinching support from his friends – girl ignores, boy tests the girl by not appearing in the girl’s stereoscopic view for an unspecified time with the help from his friends – girl notices guy’s absence and searches for him – suddenly, guy appears and girl gets coy – boy keeps at following girl until she gets somewhat bracketed and guy takes it from there.

Can’t guess any because there are too many Tamil movies with this story line?

I feel you and this is what Indian guys here get bombarded with, day in and day out.

Many Indian guys even display this behavioural vagary in theaters – can’t watch a movie at peace and this only happens when Tamil movies are screened and when only Meenachis are around – behave like that to Chinese Ah Moi or Malay cik adik, siap la..

This type of chat ups happen most in Indian ghettos and Indian guys there operate in groups – as soon as they see Indian girls they’d start behaving like lecherous apes.

There is nothing charming, pleasing nor attractive about a group of guys huddling together and whistling at girls.