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This is equal to your capital gain (or loss) plus your interim income.You can then compare this to your original purchase price to understand what percentage gain or loss that you’ve made.If you use a vehicle in your business that is not exclusively for business then you need to run a log book for 3 months every 3 years detailing your trips and what they are for so you work out what percentage of your travel is for business use.This percentage is then used to calculate the amount of expenses related to running the vehicle that can be claimed as a business expense.

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You should compare your total return to your targets and life goals.

This can help you decide if you should keep your investments, or if it would be wise to sell them.

This is the amount that you’ve received in interim payments over the life of your investment.

It’s calculated as: You would need to work this out for each interim payment that you receive.

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When you’re reviewing your investments, it’s important to remember that income and returns come from two main sources, Capital Gains and Interim Income.This is the difference in the overall value of your investment between when you purchased it and now (or the date that you sold it.) You can work it out as: For example, let’s assume that you purchased 100 shares of Amazing Blue Widget Co. You had to pay to buy, to sell and 15% tax on the profit, this would work out to: (( – )*100) – – 0 = ,430 or a return of 48.6% on your original ,000 investment.

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