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Domestic partnerships may allow you to add your partner to your health insurance plan, but you’ll likely need to provide proof of commitment, such as a shared bank account.This is something that’s unique to a domestic partnership vs.Get started A few states do recognize same sex marriages, but the federal government and many other states don’t recognize these unions.A domestic partnership is, essentially, an alternative to marriage for same sex couples. A domestic partnership will entitle you and your partner to many of the same benefits that a married couple enjoys.For example, a married couple can file a joint tax return.

In many states, domestic partners can adopt their child’s partner through Second Parent Adoption.

Marriages generally come with more benefits and protections than a domestic partnership does.

Our agreement can help you outline the financial and legal details of your relationship.

Domestic partnerships may provide you with some of the benefits that married couples receive, but there are still many differences between this partnership and a marriage.

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However, the biological parent of the child must relinquish their parental rights in order to do this.

To make your domestic partnership official, you can use our Domestic Partnership Agreement.