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Parker, 45 has been dating Charlie Mars, 35, since June, and when the Emmy-nominated actress was in Los Angeles last week to attend the awards show, the couple couldn't keep their hands off each other, reports.Parker had been a fan of the singer songwriter and last year she appeared in his music video for the song "Listen to the Darkside." There may be a dark side to the match as well: Once the news of their relationship broke, posted an email that accuses Parker of home-wrecking."You would think a woman who suffered so greatly at the hands of a man would work to make sure other women aren't betrayed the same way," the emailer sniped.posted what I considered a rather innocuous little “New Couple” piece about how 45-year-old single mother of two Mary-Louise Parker has started dating musician Charlie Mars, 35. But Mary-Louise is really cool, so she deserves all of the hot pieces she wants. Mary-Louise Parker, 45, has been dating musician Charlie Mars, 35, since early June, sources tell PEOPLE.I’m sure some people were like “Go get ‘em, Cougar! I was actually more excited about the prospect that Mary-Louise and Jeffrey Dean Morgan had finally broken up for good – that man is fine, and it’s interesting to know he’s single. Parker and the Mississippi-born singer and songwriter were all but inseparable last weekend when the Emmy-nominated Weeds star was in Los Angles to attend the awards.Before they started dating, the mother of two was a fan of the up-and-coming artist.

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Last year, she appeared in the video for “Listen to the Darkside,” the first single off his record Like a Bird, Like a Plane.Parker had previously been linked with her one-time Weeds costar Jeffery Dean Morgan.