Maryland adult chat room women prefer dating older men

21-Jul-2015 14:14

In the chat, which of course was preserved, the detective identifies himself as “13 F” (thirteen years old and female) in response to the question, “where do you live? My client never asks “her” how old she is but does ask her questions like “do you like older guys? The plan is for the “girl” to be wearing jeans and a red sweater.He admittedly had been doing this for some time without the knowledge of his wife.In November of last year he was in an adult chat room when a Baltimore County Police detective posing as a 13 year old girl struck up a chat with him.My first question upon reading this was, if the detective was really looking for child predators, what was he doing in an adult chat room in the first place?

Well, according to the Maryland Court of Appeals, the impossibility defense does not apply in this cases and entrapment will be difficult to prove.More on the law shortly but first, here are the facts of the case: My client had developed the unfortunate habit of spending time on Internet chat sites looking for women to meet for sex.As a Maryland Criminal Attorney, I often represent people charged with Internet crimes such as solicitation of a minor for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity.I was recently retained in such a case in Baltimore County Circuit Court wherein my client is charged not with soliciting a minor on the Internet, but instead with soliciting an undercover detective posing as a minor.

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My client has been advised that if he fails to accept this plea agreement he will be indicted federally where he will face a mandatory 10 year, non-parolable sentence if convicted.To further complicate matters, my client is a foreign national who is married to an American citizen and has two American born children.

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