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It’s what separates the “ok” guys from the GREAT ones.How to KEEP an interaction GOING successfully for as long as you want, from the FIRST moment you meet her, so that by the time you get her number, you don’t have to worry about her “flaking” since you will already have formed a powerful bond.Initially, the interviews with the attendants seemed tedious (a few of them are), but there are some real interesting ones.The TRUTH about rapport/bonding/comfort, so that you can ENJOY being with a woman as opposed to THINKING all the time “Am I doing this right? ” The Greatest Gift You Can Give A Woman The TRUTH about Self-Esteem How Women Actually Perceive Themselves The Unique Combination Of Emotional States you must experience to unleash TRUE “Inner Game”.Understanding The Difference Between Attraction And Horniness How To Create A Compelling And Unique Personality The Shocking Truth About Jealousy The EFFECTIVE way to be dominant. You will never think the same way again after learning this.The importance of CALIBRATING the woman in front of you, and HOW to do this: This is DEFINITELY one of the most important skills you will ever learn with women.A COMPLETE break-down of an effective interaction, from first glance and first approach all the way to the exact words and tonality being used, to how to progress to having fun under the covers, to a relationship if you desire one with her.

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Sexy: The Shocking TRUTH The Importance of Timing In Your Interactions Help Her Imagine The Future How To Put A Woman Into A State Of Awesome Emotions Dealing With Other Guys Changing Locations/Venues Mixing Emotions To Enhance Attraction Eliminating The Fear Of Approaching Escalating From No-Contact To Contact Early On Crucial Sex Insights The Importance Of Developing The Right Lifestyle Relationships High Self Esteem Women And Determining A Woman’s Values How To Prevent Yourself From Getting Too Caught Up In Her Friends This is the series you have been waiting for, and it’s finally here.

A complete inner game and outer game training guide to re-program yourself for success with women and dating.

Here is just the tip of the iceberg of what you are going to learn in this series: What attraction really is, that NOBODY has ever told you before. How to attain the crucial STATE OF MIND you need for success. How to eliminate the “creepy vibes” that most guys exude.

When being “nice” is the greatest thing you could do for your results. A totally NEW perspective on humor that will blow your mind and be EXTREMELY EASY TO APPLY in your actual interactions with women.

Bonuses include: - Ultimate Time Management And Productivity - Ultimate Business And Financial Success - Ultimate Health And Wellness - 3 phases of transformation - The Rejection Reversal - 6 reasons women cheat on their partners - How to show that you are high quality - Dominating a rival in front of a woman - Dealing with fear and avoidance - The evolutions of mastery with women - The things most women want in a man - Exhibit yourself as a leader to women - How to build a large circle of friends - Improving your self-esteem and confidence - Changing deep, unconscious limiting beliefs - The types of looks that grab a woman's attention - Uncovering your repressed limiting beliefs and blocks - Manually trigger optimism and put yourself in a good mood - Identify the false internal game preventing you from approaching women - 5 scientific reasons why women sometimes prefer one night stands - Responding when a girl asks if you are going to buy her a drink - Re-programming and re-imprinting your mind for automatic success I have enjoyed it and found it very valuable.

I have gone through all 20 dvd's and the 3 bonus dvds.

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