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09-Apr-2016 11:58

Of course it doesn’t help Letscher’s cause that Cavanagh is still right here on the show, especially when he dons the costume briefly to scare Cisco into activating his Vibe powers.

It also doesn’t help that his arrival at Mercury Labs and first encounter with the Flash is so rushed and choppy, it almost plays like a dream sequence.

It sure would have saved a lot of time last season if someone had mentioned that.)In any case, this version of Thawne has left the future in search of the Flash at a point in his life before everything we saw last year, meaning he has not taken over the identity of Harrison Wells and thus is played by Matt Letscher instead of Tom Cavanagh.

Maybe it’s because Letscher isn’t given much to work with here (his motivation for pursuing the Flash through the ages feels thinner than ever), but he doesn’t come close to capturing Cavangh’s charisma in the role.

Of all of these strands, the stuff with Joe, Iris, and Wally dealing with Francine’s impending demise worked best.

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There’s Cisco’s struggle to master his Vibe powers; Caitlin trying to find Jay’s Earth-1 doppelganger in hopes of reversing his illness; the West family drama involving Francine’s deteriorating health; and most unfortunately, the continuing tale of Barry’s deteriorating relationship with Patty.Add a notable humor deficiency and our hero at his least likable, and you have what might be the worst episode of the season so far.In conception, the Reverse-Flash’s return is solid enough.As for Caitlin and Jay, theirs was an ultimately fruitless quest that led right back to where we were last week: Jay will die unless he gets his speed back, which means they have to catch Zoom. What an unfortunate turn this relationship took in the past couple of weeks.

Having watched the frantic first hour of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow last week, I had to wonder if that show’s editing team had taken over The Flash tonight.

“The Reverse-Flash Returns” tries to service so many storylines, including one with complicated and at times incoherent time-travel logic, that it often plays like a bad cut-and-paste job of a multi-episode arc.

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