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24 April 2006Adam and Marjorie move in together, but work pressures prevent him from helping with the actual move, so Brian gives her a hand. Adam and Marjorie both need Brian to take the other off each other's hands while out china shopping. Brian spends the day with his new girlfriend, Lisa B, while the messages on his answering machine pile up. Deena and Dave's kid's birthday party goes awry after Deena's cupcakes are ruined, the bouncy castle is a giant giraffe, and Brian doesn't pick up the Barney costume so is left with just a dinosaur, which rips while Brian is performing for the kids.11 December 2006Brian is throwing a wedding party for Adam and Heather and still pursuing Bridget.She lets him know she is involved in an ' On Again-Off Again' relationship.20 November 2006Brian still has misgivings about working for his father. 4 December 2006Ivy sets up a ' Speed Dating' game at the bar in an attempt to attract more women. Adam and Heather start to realize that they really don't know each other well enough to be married and consider an annulment.Deena's cupcake business is starting to get off the ground and Nicole assumes partnership and tries to take over the business end.

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Dave and Deena talk more about divorce and Adam is concerned over becoming partner with his firm and the direction his life has taken as his relationship with Heather continues. Adam and Heather continue with their relationship, despite warnings from Jimmy, to a surprising climax.

Later, when Brian and Lisa B get back to Brian's apartment he listens to one of the messages from Marjorie.

Lisa hears it and, at the end of the message, Morjorie says, "It's hard not to imagine, what if" and she knows there is something between them.

Jimmy runs a background check on Heather and finds info Adam knew nothing about.

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The story of how Adam and Brian met Marjorie is told.13 November 2006Everyone attends Angelo's funeral and tries to help Nicole deal with her loss.