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If there is a shortfall, your premiums will increase to make up the difference.

Our claims management expertise is there to help you to avoid making costly mistakes before it’s too late.

Call us before your claim history is irreparably damaged. They are there to collect premium and hopefully never pay a claim.

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Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee is to join the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oxford as a professor.

For example, if your insurer is unable to recover your cost of repairs from the “at fault” party, they will have to recover the money from your increased premium.

Likewise, just because your insurer pays an amount of money for your repairs, it does not mean that they will be able to recover the whole amount from the other party.

Sir Tim, who will become a member of Christ Church, will be undertaking research.

The Dean of Christ Church, the Very Revd Professor Martyn Percy, said: “we are delighted that Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee will be joining us.It’s easy for things to go very wrong, very quickly if you don’t know how to manage insurance claims.If you a lodge a claim, a lot of things can go wrong: liability disputes, investigations, non disclosure, unrecoverable and partially recoverable claims, choice of repairer arguments, cost or repair dramas and that’s just the beginning. By accepting liability on your behalf, your insurer will put your claim history in ruins, which means increased premiums.What ever happens, unless you are represented, your insurer maintains the upper hand. They are not doing it with your best interests at heart. By asking an independent expert to review the liability you can protect your claims history.

Let an independent expert do the work for you to achieve complete transparency and accountability. Just because you are not at fault, does not mean your premiums won’t increase.

In order to maintain a low premium, your “not at fault” claim has to be recoverable for your insurer.

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