Measuring and dating happiness

27-Jun-2016 13:09

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That should be the philosophy for our age, the guide for public policy and for individual action.

When most people exist near the breadline, material progress does indeed make them happier.

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According to standard economic theory, this should have made us happier. When Britons or Americans are asked how happy they are, they report no improvement over the last 50 years.

More people suffer from depression, and crime - another indicator of dissatisfaction - is also much higher.

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But when material discomfort has been banished, extra income becomes much less important than our relationships with each other: with family, with friends and in the community.The danger is that we sacrifice relationships too much in pursuit of higher income. And, following the utilitarianism of Jeremy Bentham, I want a society in which people are as happy as possible and in which each person's happiness counts equally.