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28-Nov-2015 10:05

The series loosely follows the events of the first Nintendo DS Mega Man Star Force video game.

However, the storyline makes an obvious shift at Japanese episode 32 using many concepts not featured in the games, specifically, the FM-ians' quest to gather "minus energy" and their ability to transform into doppelgänger forms of the humans they once possessed.

Thus, many English-dubbed episodes begin with the conclusion of the previous episode and end with a cliffhanger.

Either way, this is problematic, as the series ends on an odd number of episodes.

The series premiered in Japan on October 7, 2006 and finished its run on October 27, 2007.The English version premiered on Toonami Jetstream on July 23, 2007.The original Japanese episodes are roughly 10 minutes long, with the English version combining two episodes together to fill a single 30-minute time-slot.Although most of the plots in the Japanese version are already split between two 10-minute episodes, a few one-part and three-part plots disrupt what would otherwise be a seamless combination of episodes.

This implied that the series was in a state of filler plot-lines until the second video game was released.The majority of the run was handled by three art directors, although near the end, two more art directors appeared.

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