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25-Jun-2016 10:19

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NOT ALL OF THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS GUIDE, IS THE 'END ALL , BE ALL,' OF MK AUTHENTICITY!THERE ARE MANY OTHER FACTORS THAT ARE TO BE CONSIDERED, THAT MAY OR MAY NOT BE, IN THIS GUIDE. YOUR BEST OPTION TO BE CERTAIN OF AUTHENTICITY, IS TO GO TO A PROFESSIONAL AUTHENTICATION SERVICE. YES, I am affiliate with this company and of course I use them faithfully.While I hope this guide is helpful to you, it is not in place of an updated professional authentication service, which, as previously stated, I always use when in doubt. We have very few ways to identify authenticity on these newer bags!

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They have many collections that appeal to all tastes and pocketbooks.

Because of their popularity, counterfeiters are reproducing fakes that are all over the market.