Microsoft money 2016 not updating

31-Mar-2015 17:11

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computer died while updating

It also has the handy option that if Windows has downloaded the 6.5GB of files for a Windows 10 upgrade, it will find their specific location and delete them.

If you ever choose to reverse the changes and upgrade to 10 (not a bad option, and worth considering before 10 becomes a paid upgrade later in July), just re-download the utility and revert back to Windows 10-friendly settings.

There’s a couple options, but the best one is very simple: download a tiny utility called Never 10.

So much so that if you leave your PC to its own devices for too long, you might come back and find that Cortana has settled in and made itself at home.

There’s a danger here, though: at a certain point, Windows is going to automatically schedule an update for you.

If you “x” out of the pop-up informing you of this, you’re not cancelling the scheduled update — you’re just making the notification go away.

Simply download the utility and run it, and it will make the necessary deep-level changes to prevent any upgrade to Windows 10.

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It’s not a piece of software that sits running on your computer — instead, it just edits system settings, so you only have to run it once to be set.

To check if there’s something scheduled, click on the Windows 10 icon in your taskbar.