Middle age dating canada

31-Dec-2014 16:27

"The middle-aged men are not interested in the middle-aged women. "So it's just a marketing thing."He notes that in the United Kingdom, "cubs" are called "toy boys".

And he says that the cougar conventions he's held in several cities before—including New York, Chicago, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Palo Alto, and Toronto—have attracted huge crowds.

Little did he know back then that he would later promote events linking older women with younger men through Cougar

He says he's lectured at 61 colleges and written eight books on dating, including . at the Roxy (932 Granville Street) in Vancouver, Gosse will emcee a "cougar convention" where the men will elect Miss Cougar Canada.

At the 2010 convention in Toronto, the keynote speaker was Valerie Gibson, author of."She's the one who popularized the word around the world," Gosse says.

There's a serious message behind Gosse's promotion of cougar dating.

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"Basically what happens as women get older, they find there are fewer and fewer men in their age bracket to date because the men are dying."For every single 60-year-old male, he says there are three-and-a-half single 60-year-old women."Let's face it: the older men who are still single in their 50s and 60s—and in their 40s—they tend to be leftovers," Gosse claims.The winner receives a free "Cougar" cruise leaving Miami for the Bahamas on December 6.To be eligible to win, the woman must be over 35 and be "legally single"."Every cub in the room has one vote," Gosse says, referring to the younger men.from the Marin County Fair, the San Francisco-area dating consultant, entrepreneur, and author recalls attending a Unitarian Church singles group in his late 20s.

He explains that a few women were in their 30s, but most were in their 40s and 50s."So I was dating nothing but cougars, nonstop," Gosse says.

"They tend to be the ones who have unsuccessful relationships with women. A lot of them have been to prison, and have unemployment problems, drug problems.