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29-Aug-2016 18:36

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Are you scared that the onset of middle age is about to catch you out?

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And then, as a septuagenarian, both men and women lose another inch.

To an extent, shrinking is natural: it reflects the daily downward pull of gravity on our upright bodies.

Assuming that you're not yet ready to give up the day job, the best recourse against mid-life shrinkage is to learn some back decompression exercises.

This might involve doing yoga, pilates, or the Alexander Technique.

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Here are three example exercises that will give you an idea of what will help: We lose muscle at about the rate of 8pc over a 10-year period without preventive action, which is why middle age tends to bring with it the first signs of an atrophying physique (which is a nice way of saying: going to seed). Middle age often brings with it parenthood and family stresses, which means physical workouts get squeezed off the priority list.

Indeed, last month, the American Journal of Men's Health published research conducted at Northwestern Medicine in Illinois which found that men's weight increases by between 1.5 and 2kg after they become fathers.