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The body-shell of the Queen's saloon is 75ft long and fitted with secondary air suspension giving passengers an exceptionally smooth and comfortable ride.

It is more exclusive than the Orient Express, more romantic than the Trans-Siberian Express, and the food is considerably better than on the East Coast mainline.

A five-coach train is used for short journeys when no sleeping car is required.The Queen and Prince Philip prepare to board the Royal Train in 2002 The Queen's carriage Her Majesty's personal saloon, or carriage, is now more than 30 years old, having been brought into service, along with the Duke's, in 1977 when both were used during the Silver Jubilee tours.Wherever the train goes it attracts an enormous amount of attention, with its distinctive 'Royal Claret' coaches.Yet apart from its passengers and staff, very few people know much about the extraordinary regal rolling stock.

At present there are nine coaches that can be assembled into whatever configuration is required, and for whom.

It is only on very rare occasions that all nine are used as a single train, and then only when the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are travelling together. Charles is the most frequent and regular passenger, and if the Duchess of Cornwall, who, unlike her husband, is not a lover of train travel, accompanies him as she often does on the long overnight journeys to Scotland, an eighth carriage is attached for her use.