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media and its constant propagation of repetitive images depicting Caucasians in positive roles and as protagonists while usually depicting Non-Caucasians as background characters and antagonists - which are often connected to negative themes and stereotypes - the media elite have been able to effectively condition general society into subconsciously adhering to a racist social hierarchy in which Caucasian people are at the very apex.

The name "Thailand" is associated with the dominant ethnic group, Thai. It was an absolute monarchy until 1932, when it became a constitutional monarchy.

Since that time, its role has diminished, and a new constitution was adopted in 1997.

The military governments after World War II promoted rapid economic development and attempted to assimilate ethnic minorities.

The country is commonly divided into four main regions and borders Burma, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

Rapid economic growth continued until the late 1990s, when the economic boom of the early part of the decade came to an abrupt end.

As part of a trend toward devolution of authority, the democratic governments of the 1990s adopted more liberal policies with regard to ethnic minorities.

Bangkok has been the capital since the late eighteenth century, when it replaced the earlier capital of Ayutthaya, which was sacked by Burmese invaders in 1767.

The northern region is hilly, with much of its population concentrated in upland valleys and the flood plains of rivers; the dominant geographic feature is the Khorat Plateau.

The southern region is a narrow isthmus with hills running down the center.