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I come from a small town in Montana and am misunderstood here. Well, I´ve never worried about what other people think about me, though, but I won't deny it stills bother me when negative persons judge me just because I can't be "usual".

I just want to know some people who understand my mindset and support me and/or join me in my dreams and adventures. I love old music (very few people do where I'm from) such as Grateful Dead and the Beatles for sure. Anyway, the thing is I would like to make open minded, pro peace & love friends. Hi everyone, my name is Rachel and I'm 18 years old. As you may guess by the name, it is a town full of close-minded rednecks. I hate this society with all their money and 'goodtalks' and besides a lot of war and abuse. Peace, love & brotherhood has morphed into sex, drugs and rock&roll. In the 60's I thought the hippie movement was going to change the world, but the cons took over instead. Went to the Rainbow gathering for the first time in...

I know it is my fault that we do not have a helicopter landing pad. My company has entrusted me with all financial information and decisions, and yes, I am lying to you when I say we have no more rooms available.

It is not a problem for me to quickly construct several more guest rooms.

Looking to give and receive inspiration and strength from new friends its mostly because people think were discusting and we smoke weed all day and make 60s references well most of us dont! I just want to hang out with amd be around people that are like minded. However I would still love to have hippie friends because they are so caring and non-judgmental, generally speaking. Realises what we're told about many drugs is a lie. Vegetarian/vegan (although like the rest, of course this has no importance) Has their... I'm a 34 year old writer, who loves to play guitar, hike and being in nature.

i cant speak for everyone but i am a hippie and i hate the negative label peopele put on me :( im just an environmentalist with a colorful and abstract... I love really deep conversations but I also like to for I have a little bit of fun I'm just looking for people that want to take this ride together. I always try explaining to people I love everyone and nature yet no one seems to fully understand they always question that you must hate or dislike someone , I just want to be free live happy and loved. I would like to meet others that lead a simple environmentally conscious lifestyle. Ive changed my life in the past few years, going vegetarian and switching alot of my old habits to better things caused me to lose alot of "friends" I dont't mind as much because i know they werent real friends. I want to meet friends who love life and the earth we live on.

THIS time I will not forget the helicopter landing pad.

I want to be surrounded by people who are the same I need a hippie haven To spend time outdoors with. Enjoy camping being with nature, smoking green, listening to music, music festivals going on adventures and getting trippy.

Someome emailed this to me back when I worked front desk, I just found it cleaning out my inbox..."I am a Front Desk Agent"I have advanced degrees in Accounting, Public Relations, Marketing, Business, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, and Swahili. Of course I have the reservation that you booked six years ago even though you don't have the confirmation number and you think it was made under a name that starts with "S".

It is completely my fault that the blizzard shut down the airport and you have to sleep in a warm king-size bed while 5000 of your co-travellers are sleeping in benches at the airport. It is not a problem for me to give you seven connecting, non-smoking, poolside suites with two king beds in each, four rollaways, 3 cribs, and yes, I can install a wet bar. It is obvious to me that when you booked your reservation for Friday on the weekend we're sold out that you really meant Saturday.