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The content of the documents is identical but they are separate documents and ...I'm writing an event receiver on a document library.Cancel = true; } } //End the long operation string redirect URL = SPContext.I have a document content type with a document template associated to it.I'd like to know if there are a way to make a redirection in an event receiver of a list item Updated and not updating.

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This excel file has a custom ID column(alphanumeric) and many more columns.This should fire Item Updated event of List2 but it does not.I have implemented a fairly simple form for a custom list in our Share Point 2013 environment where our users can place an order by filling out the form and pressing the "Send" button.Now, I have written an Item Updated event receiver which will update the document ...

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I have several instances where I have two versions of the same document (one is client facing and one in internal only).My issue is event itemupdating ou itemupdated are not fire when i drag and drop a i log my event it only passes in itemadding and ...