Most intimidating cars

27-Feb-2015 13:23

In an industrial building out by the 401 and Martin Grove, a team of engineers and mechanics are building behemoths.The Knight XV armoured car, which looks like the juiced up mutant offspring of an armoured troop transport and a limousine, is the flagship product of Conquest Vehicles, a company that specializes in bulletproof, explosion-proof, intruder-proof, grandma-scaring cars.Almost every part of the Knight XV is custom made from scratch in Etobicoke.“We machine all the components from the hinges, to the emblem, right down to the key,” says company president Tim Chapman. A typical Knight XV takes six months to build and costs upward of 9,000, plus international shipping.

The car in question is the 1983 March IMSA GTP ‘Executone’ 83 G1.Operated and driven by privateers: Kenper Miller and David Cowart.I distinctly remember Formula 1 racing drivers that competed against Senna saying how the mere sight of his distinctive yellow helmet in the rear view mirrors could scare them into a mistake.That’s just a helmet: imagine seeing a giant, 720 horsepower red lobster claw its way into your rearview.

They raced ‘The Red Lobster’ in the Camel GT Series from July 1983 through March 1985.

During this span, the car had 11 top five finishes, and 15 times it finished in the top 10.