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31-Jul-2015 11:30

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TIME: How have you cultivated such an intense relationship with your fans so quickly? There are a million moments where that shows, but for my tour, for example, I put the ticket prices so low because I wanted the kids that don’t have a lot of money to be able to experience a show that blows their minds.

We’ve spent more on the production than I’d ever make back on the tour.

I’m not going to rip them off and put a price tag on it that doesn’t deserve to be there.

Those events have been a lot of fun for me — meeting people and hearing about what made them fall in love with that music.

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My dad—he’s a musician—I gave him the album to listen to and he said he loved it more than the old one because he was able to find a lot more parallels to bands like King Crimson and George Benson. I had more courage to put a little more music into “dance music” than I had before. “Oh my God, I didn’t realize it was grammatically wrong! What do you think of people who say EDM producers are the new rock stars?

I never had the courage to make a song like “True Colors” that is almost fully acoustic because I felt I would disappoint people, but that’s who I am. I’m having a really hard time saying that DJs are the new rock stars myself.

It’s really expensive to travel around the country and make it.

At the same time, it’s really exciting to see people dedicated enough to fly to a city not knowing what’s going to happen.” Zedd spoke to TIME about what’s his fans’ blind faith, changing perceptions of electronic music and the most intimidating person with whom he’s ever hit the studio.

” Zedd says, sitting in his record label’s office just a few days before the release of his sophomore album, That devoted behavior worries Zedd a little, but not in the restraining-order kind of way.“It’s not creepy, but it’s scary because you feel responsible for him if doesn’t make it.