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13 in Fallujah, Iraq while clearing insurgent occupied buildings. It is sad when a father must write his own son’s obituary. My son, like others falling in that conflict, was a hero who believed in his mission, his unit, and his men.He also believed leaders should be in the front, leading, not following. He was well liked and respected by his superiors and the men in his company, who sensed his concern for their well being.He is survived by Heidi and a young son, Colin Patrick, who had a mere five weeks with his father before he deployed to Iraq. and Laura (nee Ivey) Sims of Mc Kinney, Texas and El Paso. With luck he will be in Germany today and then on to Texas. Not because he is so great a guy – although I think so, but because he represents the thousands of sons and daughters America is sending to far away places to secure our peace and our liberties at home.

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He was the top graduate in his platoon at the Infantry Officer’s Basic Course, and then attended the Airborne School, Pathfinder Course, and Ranger School.He then was assigned to the 101st Airmobile Division as a platoon leader and Company Executive Officer.