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05-Oct-2015 16:16

“Survivor” and “The Voice” executive producer Mark Burnett had never tackled a dating show — until now.

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I like the idea of a show where every woman could find love, and men are coming regularly by helicopter and by speedboat in a very dramatic fashion. Burnett: It’s never, ever been seen on that other show. Your host, Terrence “J” Jenkins, is young enough that the women mistake him for one of the bachelors. But I think this show has a real chance to connect with viewers. You can’t guarantee every show will be a hit, but I’ve got a better record than most. “Coupled” premieres Tuesday, May 17, at 9/8c on Fox. Burnett: He’s not like some rule setter who’s going to make these comments to women. How tough is it to launch a new unscripted show, in a world where have pretty much seen it all? Why did you wait until now to do your first dating show? The show also looks to update how modern young couples now communicate — yes, there’s a lot of texting (visually shown) on the show.READ MORE: Here’s Why Reality TV is an Ideal Day Job for Indie Filmmakers Besides being a producer (he’s also behind the upcoming feature “Ben-Hur”), Burnett’s a busy executive these days, having been named president of MGM Television and Digital Group in December.

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We caught up with Burnett to find out what attracted him to “Coupled” and what’s next. I really like that the show feels young and relevant, with the texting and the video sharing.

(And we also found a topic he was less interested in discussing.) A condensed version of our chat follows. You’re watching the show and if someone is aware of modern American dating, it looks like real life…