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21-Oct-2015 21:12

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But then my best friend went head over heels for a psychologist he met on the internet, and she was just a straight-up nutcase. She couldn't let anyone be; she had to constantly be pushing them to do or say something so she could observe them.Even the most casual, innocent conversation was peppered with questions like "Why do you say that," or "How did it make you feel when that happened," or quips like "That's almost diagnosable, you know" that didn't really sound like they were jokes.

I'm sure there are a lot of psychologists who aren't anything like that, but those experiences were enough to make me never want to try another one.I think it's the only profession that I would never date, under any circumstances.At that point, I'd had enough of her, and was in no mood for any more of this foolishness.I said, "This food is delicious, it's a beautiful morning, the sunlight is gorgeous in the backyard, and the birds are singing; let's just let breakfast be breakfast, and not try to amplify it into some larger, more meaningful experience. " She was shocked, and come to think of it, I think that was the last time she even spoke to me. She doesn't seem comfortable around me, and that's fine with me, because I can't stand her company at all. Between my friend and me, psychologists are 0 for 3.

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