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Do you re-create the same relationship in different people again and again? Or if you do go through a rough patch, you'll work cooperatively together, to get through it. Together, the world is bigger, our goals may be broader, and we may do things we thought we'd never do. When you argue, or even when you decide where to see a movie or what to have for dinner, do you feel as if one of you is the ‘winner’ and the other the ‘loser’? For example, relationship expert Harville Hendrix (founder of Imago Relationship Therapy) talks about ‘power-struggle’ as an inevitable stage of a relationship and offers ways to work through it. For example, a friend who's now married to her soulmate reports that whenever they've had landmark discussions, “he's the one who initiates it.’ She's here to work on communication. Are each of you clear about why you're here, and where you're going? Remember: there are riches to be had in every relationship. Sure, you may meet your soulmate in your living room (I know someone who did – funny huh? You need to be conscious, so that every decision you make takes you closer to what you want during your true love search. A friend describes how she (an artist) works with her husband (an engineer) to solve problems. Remember this: a soulmate is a creative connection, an expansive energy focused on growth. Here's another tip on how to recognize your soulmate. I believe that we all have things to learn and stuff to work through — or we wouldn't be here. For example, exploring emotion in a unique way is my mission. Whether you're single and looking, or looking to energize the relationship you have — go where the growth is! A woman I know had an affair with a man she worked with, who also knew her husband. In this case, the sex was an enormous magnet that pulled them together. Every relationship needs to work through conflict, and each has their own style. So even when I was single, I worked on this, knowing that my soulmate would be more likely to find me, when I'm doing my soul's mission. What you learn about yourself, will give rich clues on how to recognize your soulmate. Over the centuries, we've worked out our differences, so what's left over is love. He first noticed that she made tea the same way he did: “I've never met anyone that did that, except me.” They both heated the cups first. Or do you have an aching pull at your heart, like a pulling down? Here's another dating tip on how to recognize your soulmate: do you have energy to burn? Is there an expansive warmth in your chest, like a pulling up? And, in the short time of a first date, it's very difficult to discern in the moment. Linda Brady, in her book Discovering Your Soul Mission says that heady emotion, confusion and a sense of ‘here we go again’ dread is what she calls ‘karmic warning bells.’ It may feel like falling in love, but what may really be happening is we're beingprimed for a major karmic insight. Here's a big clue on how to recognize your soulmate. Here's more on toxic soulmate signs, what I call karmic relationships. Jen Schefft (of The Bachelor fame), said that when she met her now husband, there was no question that they'd see each other again.

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Now you're ready to focus on how to recognize your soulmate. Do you brainstorm and solve problems in unique ways? Another friend who was dating her soulmate (they're now married) said early on in their relationship: “He always wants to celebrate.” How to recognize your soulmate? On the other hand, the sense of safety, security, expansiveness, fun... Or, if you know you don't fight fair — do you both have a willingness to learn new habits?

To actively work on how recognize your soulmate, you must open your heart and your mind. Something that (as an MBA in corporate) isn't easy for me! Does your relationship have an inspirational quality to it? Do you both bring something to the other, that helps each of you be bigger than you might have been on your own? However, once they recognized the past life conflict they had together, the attraction dissolved. So I hope you'll release any ideas you have that soulmate relationships are perfect and without conflict. When soulmates encounter conflict, though, there's a spirit of cooperation. The process isn't fraught with ultimatum-throwing, name-calling, threats of abandonment or physical abuse.

When I'm confounded, what I do is focus on my body sensation. Depending on how sensitive you are, you may realize the truth about someone, the first time you meet... In your darling's presence, how does your body feel? ) said of her sweetie “he's never disappointed me”. There will be no muddiness, no long silences between meetings, ambivalance. Over the long-term, your experience with a soulmate won't increase your anxiety, it will alleviate it.

If you're fortunate enought to meet someone with whom you have a natural, loving relationship from the get-go, then you're going to feel this as an unusual comfort level. Over time, these small things multiplied into an easy, comfy living arrangement. If this is you, that makes how to recognize your soulmate tricky! How do you feel about this person, from one meeting to the next? A friend of mind who met her soulmate in a chance meeting (after being stood up!

Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce calls soulmates ‘helpmates’, in that soulmates are brought together to help one another grow. From my karmic astrology chart, I can get a very good idea of my ‘soul mission’ or ‘soul purpose’ in life, and what I'm here to learn.

This is another trigger on how to recognize your soulmate. As a karmic astrologer, I take an active approach to my own soul growth.

I love snow, all people, and all animals God made for us. Deep, good, honest, God fearing, life loving, genuine woman, seeking a good man, who's nice, is a Christian in word and deed, and is willing to put in the fun and not so fun work, with me, to have a loving and committed relationship that leads to the ultimate commitment: marriage! I have two married daughters and three grandchildren.… continue reading »

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